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Writers Publishing House is based in Prescott, Arizona. We have been making authors great since 2007. We put you in charge of your publishing path while helping you every step of the way.

ICOMM4U Marketing Group

ICOMM4U Marketing Group

Improving book sales/organic traffic through optimizing metadata

Social media marketing is by far the most cost-effective targeting campaign available, but only when authors/businesses follow some simple guidelines.

If you are writing a book or published one and the sales aren’t what you hoped, I can help.

Not all platforms are a good fit for every author/business, which is why consumer research is so important. Once you have chosen the best platforms the next option is learning how to optimize your metadata, and create quality posts to build organic followers.

Sales can also be improved by using specific keywords, or updating book categories. So, if you are stuck on how to proceed with setting up or optimizing social media profiles to maximize sales, let's talk.

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